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Opportunities to grow our capability – This report assess the future infrastructure landscape and identifies needs, opportunities and key themes that could be a major benefit to the UK’s capabilities to 2030. It is intended as a strategic guide to inform investment decisions for the next generation of infrastructure.

PhenomUK’s 1st Call for funded project – Accepted projects

PhenomUK received 13 applications in total. The outcome of our 1st call enabled us to fund four projects in this round. We would have liked to fund more but we encourage applications for our 2nd call, especially from early career researchers.

The four successful projects are as follows:

Project Title: Investigation of microwave imaging for internal fruit quality and below-ground phenotyping.

Principal investigator: Dr Bo Li Institute: NIAB EMR

Award amount: £24,618

Project Title: Implementation of active 3D Multispectral imaging and photmetric stereo systems as early stage phenotyping tool for morphological features and biotic stress quantification within complementary demonstrator phenotyping centres (IBERS & P3)

Principal investigator: Professor Bruce Grieve Institute: University of Manchester

Award amount: £18,480

Project Title: An intelligent, low-cost adaptive 3D multi-scale imaging system for advanced plant phenotyping (PS-Plant+)

Principal investigator: Dr Wenhao Zhang Institute: Centre for Machine Vision, Bristol Robotics Laboratory, UWE, Bristol

Award amount: £24,881

Project Title: Developing 2D-3D fusion to enable high-throughput phenotypic analysis of key yeild-related traits of bread wheat using cost-effective UAV imagery

Principal investigator: Dr Ji Zhou

Award amount: £24,940

Roots and Shoots Webinar – A PhenomUK funded project introduction and demonstration, on 3D Active Multispectral Imaging (A-MSI) technology for crop canopy phenotyping.

CHAP & PhenomUK – The Applications of pre-symptomatic disease detection in crops workshop

PhenomUK And Analytik – Ground and airborne digital field phenotyping systems at Rothamsted Research Institute.

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