Pilot Projects 1st call for funding awardees confirmed:

PhenomUK received 13 applications in total. The outcome of our 1st call enabled us to fund four projects in this round. We would have liked to fund more but we encourage applications for our 2nd call, especially from early career researchers. The four successful projects are as follows: Award amount: £24,618 Principal investigator: Dr Bo…

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BBSRC international schemes

BBSRC international schemes Our International Schemes range from short term travel awards which help scientists establish new contacts for their existing BBSRC-funded research, through to Partnering Awards, which support long-term collaborations with overseas scientists. More information at

The Bioscience Big Ideas Pipeline

Do you have an exciting and ambitious Big Idea? Introducing the Biosciences Big Ideas Pipeline. UKRI-BBSRC is excited to launch the ‘Bioscience Big Ideas Pipeline’, a pilot programme through which we aim to engage with our broad research and innovation community in a quest to identify adventurous and exciting ideas that have the potential to…

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Annotated Image Database

At the launch meeting, we asked you, ‘what you would like to see the network doing?’ One of the suggestions was to have access todataset storage facilities, particularly one holding annotated images for use during the development of machine learning methods. We are hoping to bring this facility to our network members soon, by opening…

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Sharing the Right Data Right: A Symbiosis with Machine Learning

Sharing the Right Data Right: A Symbiosis with Machine Learning Sotirios A. Tsaftaris and Hanno Scharr, In 2014 plant phenotyping research was not benefiting from the machine learning (ML) revolution because appropriate data were lacking. We report the success of the first open-access dataset suitable for ML in image-based plant phenotyping suitable for machine learning, fuelling a true interdisciplinary symbiosis, increased awareness, and steep performance improvements on key phenotyping…

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UKRI’s £3m network funding to solve life science challenges

UKRI announces Technology Touching Life Network in Plant Phenomics. PhenomUK will lead one of five research networks to share a £3 million award through a joint technology initiative that will harness new and emerging developments from engineering and physical sciences to advance discovery research in the life science. Technology Touching life is a joint initiative between…

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