Early Career Researchers Committee

PhenomUK is pleased to announce the Early Career Researchers committee. This advisory committee will be an essential part of the PhenomUK network, looking into the key training and information requirements for ECR’s in the area of Phenotyping research.

ECR targeted events will be promoted here.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for ECR training, please feel free to contact any of the board members below.

PhenomUK ECR Advisory Board

Valerio Giuffrida, V.Giuffrida@napier.ac.uk

Dr Valerio Giuffrida (Chair), V.Giuffrida@napier.ac.uk

My name is Valerio Giuffrida and I am a Lecturer in Data Science at the Edinburgh Napier University. My area of expertise is machine learning (especially, Deep Learning) applied to plant image analysis problems. Applications range from leaf counting to root segmentation and analysis. Recently I have edited a Special Issue for the Remote Sensing journal “Acquire and Perceive: Novel Approaches for Imaging-Based Plant Phenotyping,” welcoming research papers applied to image-based plant phenotyping. The reasons why I’d love to be part of the PhenomUK Advisory Board are essentially two: (i) provide any suitable suggestions in support to other researchers within my area of expertise; (ii) meet national-wide researchers at my similar career-stage

Dr Diego Corona Lopez, diego.coronalopez@manchester.ac.uk

Bio –

Diego Corona,

Diego is a talented and ambitious individual, with broad skills and experience in programming and electronic systems. His passion for using science and engineering as a gateway to improving current socio-economical problems got him involved in his current research project.

His research aims to help reduce food security risks around the globe by designing and applying state-of-the-art subsoil imaging technologies.

He wants to help bridge the gap between the accessibility of root monitoring techniques and enabling the phenotyping community to look at roots in their natural environment.

Dr Jonathan Atkinson, jonathan.atkinson@nottingham.ac.uk

Bio –

Jon is a senior research fellow employed by the Future Food Beacon of Excellence as a Technologist in Phenomics. He has expertise in cereal physiology and the development of phenotyping platforms at the anatomical, whole plant and field scales. These approaches have been integrated in gene discovery pipelines for wheat breeding, adopted by several groups in Nottingham and used in on-going collaborations with institutions worldwide.

As part of his current role, Jon also manages the FutureFood MakerSpace – an innovation and training hub designed to solve phenomics problems in food research. He also co-manages the Laser Ablation Tomography suite, a BBSRC ALERT17 funded device for high throughput anatomical phenotyping. 

Throughout his time at the University of Nottingham, he has worked as part of several large multidisciplinary teams bridging plant sciences, computer science, mathematical modelling and engineering. Example projects include CPIB – the Centre for Plant Integrative Biology, the Hounsfield Facility, Designing Future Wheat and the Future Food Beacon.

Dr Beatriz Lagunas B.Lagunas-Castan@warwick.ac.uk

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