Annotated Image Database

Coming soon…Dataset storage facilities.

At the launch meeting, we asked you, ‘what you would like to see the network doing?’

One of the suggestions was to have access todataset storage facilities, particularly one holding annotated images for use during the development of machine learning methods. We are hoping to bring this facility to our network members soon, by opening up the ACID (Annotated Crop Image Database) at However, we require some information to assist with the setup of this facility. If you are interested in using ACID, please answer the following questions and send back to us at

1.       What type of images would you want to upload? e.g. colour, multispectral….

2.       What will the images be of?

3.       What type of features will the images contain?

4.       What file type(s) can you use to store annotations, e.g. Json, xml, csv?

5.       What would be the approximate total size of the would you want to upload?